About Michigan Early Childhood Assessment

DECA for Infants and Toddlers

The DECA for children aged 4 weeks up to 36 months, measures social emotional strengths across three domains including:

  • Attachment
  • Initiative
  • Self-Regulation

DECA Clinical

The DECA Clinical covers the three protective factor scale of Attachment, Initiative, and Self-Regulation in addition to four behavioral concern scales for children (24 months up to 6 years). The additional scales include:

  • Aggression
  • Attention problems
  • Emotional Control problems
  • Withdrawal/Depression

Why do we use the DECA?

1. It’s parent approved.

The tools are easy to complete yet useful. Parents fill out the record forms within 5-10 minutes time, and together with clinical support, use the provided strategies to build the critical skills children need.

2. It’s comprehensive.

The DECA Assessment uses a three-pronged approach that focuses on the child, the caregivers, and the environment.

3. It’s research-based.

Nationally standardized, reliable and valid, the DECA Assessments meet or exceed standards for high quality.

4. It’s cohesive.

This program involves families, caregivers, and other professionals, ensuring a team approach in building social and emotional skills with infants and young children up to the age of six.

5. It’s strength-based.

The DECA Program builds the skills that are critical to a child’s healthy growth and development.

6. It’s action-oriented.

The DECA offers solutions that lead to significant, positive change.

Clinicians and consultants using these tools believe parents know their children the best. They learn with parents as they use results and plan for the best supports and strategies for every child.

Web-based Assessments

In addition to the DECA assessments, Michigan uses the e-DECA web-based application in which all Devereux Early Childhood Assessments can be entered online by clinicians, consultants and parents. The e-DECA completes all scoring, generates reports, suggests research-based strategies for both school and home settings, and stores data in a secure database.

The DECA Assessments

The DECA assessments, published by Kaplan Early Learning were developed by Mary Mackrain, Paul LeBuffe, Greg Powell, Jack A. Naglieri and colleagues at the Devereux Center for Resilient Children and are supported by over 20 years of ongoing research. Version 2 | Last Revised: 05/15/2023

For more information about the Michigan DECA assessments, please contact us.